Voices of KIP members

Junior high and High school students

I was inspired that university students and young professional members of KIP expressed thier opinions from various perspectives.
(Tokyo, fisrt year of high school)

I was surprised that other junior high and high school students actively participated in the discussion. Also, I was inspired that university students and young professionals said their opinioins which I never imagined.
In addition, I thought that I want to learn more in order to express my opinions toward social issues.
(Kumamoto, second year of high school)

I felt that it is important to say my own opinion to social issues and this experience was valuable for me.
(Yamagushi, second year of high schoo)

KIP members

I realized that it is essential to speak independently under any circumstances. Also, I would like to be able to think about things from various perspectives.
(the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Economics, 3rd year)

I learned that not only worldwide but also inside Japan, there are various people who think and understand differently depending on where they live. In addition, I learned the importance of clear my thoughts through discussion.
(Automobile Component manufacturer)

I was interested in politics and the relationship between Japan and China. However, various themes taken up in activities of KIP, including environmental problems, economics, and journalism, have broadened my perspectives. I also learned the necessity of having my own opinion about any topics.
(Consulting firm)

With the increasing number of global challenges, it is of paramount importance to have discussions and cooperate with the youth from all over the world. When studying abroad at a graduate school, I realized the significance of arguing issues with international perspectives, understanding the issues our country faces on a deeper level, and acquiring sufficient communication skills. I highly urge to develop those skills from a younger age.
(the University of Tokyo, Graduate School, 2nd year)

We may have some opportunities to discuss social issue, but there are a few times to discuss with people from different backgrounds. In KIP, we can communicate with salaryman, those who are major in science, and younger people. I believe that from these experiences, we can broad our horizon and become a well informed about Japan in a right way.
(Keio University, Faculty of Law, 4th Year)