Voices of KIP members

Voices of student
Interviews of KIP student members.
They include the reason why they decided to enroll in KIP, what they have learned and thought through activities of KIP.
Voices of Young Professionals
This section features interviews with young professionals, who are mainly KIP graduates.
We will tell you how what they have gained through KIP activities is being utilized now and why they are still involved in KIP after graduation.
For International Students to Japan
KIP has been actively accepting international student members under the policy of "Internationalization from within".
Because they grew up in different countries and have various backgrounds, various opinions are exchanged and diverse views of things are presented.
From the committee members
Student members, regardless of their length of stay at KIP, can volunteer to join a committee. The committee members are responsible for the management of KIP together with the President.
Here you can find interviews with committee members and learn about their activities.