December.17.2020 KIP Forum: Series ‘Onko-Chishin’ the 3rd"Onko-Chishin of Regional revitalization"  

moderator: Mr. Hiroyuki Shimazu
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November.28.2020 KIP Forum: Series ‘Onko-Chishin’ the 2nd"Onko-Chishin through Organ Transplantation -Japanese Views on Life and Death Seen through Funerals-"  

moderator: Mr. Kosuke Yuyama
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September.24.2020 KIP Forum: "Series ‘Onko-Chishin’ the 1st ‘studying the features and the history of Japanese politics to learn new things’"  

moderator: Mr. Yuma Osaki
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2015.8.29, 10.31 KIP Seminar
"English Debate Workshop"
English Debate Coach, Mr. Toshiyuki Inoue

We were able to learn the intensive English Debate by Mr. Toshiyuki Inoue, President of SPEECH&DEBATE INSTITUTE.

2015.6.27, 7.11, 9.19 KIP Seminar
the late Senior Fellow of Japan Center for International Change, Mr. Yoshibumi Wakamiya

KIP Summer Seminer took placed. Yoshibumi Wakamiya, a former chief editor of Asahi Shinbun and also a guest professor in some Japanese and Korean universities, gave us lectures for three times in the seminer corses. The main theme of his lectures was “Think the relation between Japan, China and South-Korea, on the 70th anniversary of the end of WWⅡ.”
More about the lecture on 6.27
More about the lecture on 9.19

2013.9.21 KIP Seminar
"Conference about economic issues"
the Deputy Director-General of International Department, the Bank of Japan, Mr. Chihiro Sakuraba

In the KIP Seminar of the fall of 2013, we had intensive workshops on "conventions dealing with economic issues" by Mr. Chihiro Sakuraba, the Deputy Director-General of International Department of the Bank of Japan. On our first session we learned how to respond and to facilitate a conference, featuring a press conference that was held in English.

2013.5.11 KIP Seminar
"Communication Skill Seminar in English"
English Debate Trainer, Mr. Toshiyuki Inoue

We were able to hold the first session of our intensive English debate workshop series with the support of Mr. Toshiyuki Inoue, a trainer at a debate institute. We learned how to construct our arguments in speeches and techniques in debates and not only learning, but we also had the chance to practice on our own after his lessons.

Past seminars

In 2010, Mr. Shikata Noriyuki at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, gave us speeches on "The role and problems of the FTA in considering the East Asian Community and・conomic Partnership Agreement in Asia and the Pacific" and "The presence of reformations in Japan in considering the economic partnership agreements in Asia-Pacific." We did a role play simulation for the former theme and presentations for the latter theme.