Forum in 2021

February KIP Forum

"The Future of Japan seen through the Manufacturing Industry: What is the Liberal Arts required for Human Resources in Science?"
Discussion theme: Whether the human resources in science should develop first, their liberal arts education or technical skills?
date: 19/2/2022
lecturer: Mr. Yuta Machida
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January KIP Forum

"Business development of Japanese companies in Asia and how they work"
Discussion theme: What approach should be taken to create new demand for air purifiers and to expand sales?
date: 15/1/2022
lecturer: Ms. Nagiko Wada
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December KIP Forum

"A Study of Capitalism from the Story of “The Straw Millionaire”: How Money Circulates in Individuals and Society"
Discussion theme: Do you agree with the upcoming tax reform focusing on lifting wages?
date: 18/12/2021
lecturer: Mr. Tetsuro Tada
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KIP Online Salon Forum

"The current situation in Southeast Asia as seen by a Japanese journalist"
date: 8/12/2021
The KIP Online Salon Forum was held in December. We invited a journalist from KIP Alumni to talk about the situation in Southeast Asia.

November KIP Forum

"The Value of the Sky ~the Economic Impacts of Air Flights~"
Roleplay:negotiation of expanding Japanese airlines over American airspaces
date: 20/11/2021
lecturer: Mr. Sang young Lee
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October KIP ForumⅡ

"The Environmental Issue :Plastics flowing out to sea"
discussion theme: Japan's Position on the Future of Meat Eating
date: 23/10/2021
lecturer: Ms. Mana Kamakura
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October KIP Forum

"How to Consider a Career in the Post-Covid Era - How to Build a Career in an Era with No Right Answer"
discussion theme “What is the purpose to “work”?”
date: 10/10/2021
lecturer: Mr. Yoichi Furuno
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September KIP Forum

"How the culture and art can survive during the pandemic"
discussion theme: Should cultural arts be broadcasted online for free to expand the customer base, or should they be broadcasted online for a fee to ensure scarcity and quality?
date: 23/9/2021
lecturer: Mr. Tamio Kano
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August KIP Forum

"Can the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics lead to a fairer and more inclusive society?"
discussion theme: Whether the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics have contributed to shifting attitudes towards disability in Japan and globally, and what their legacy is in terms of improving universal access infrastructure in Tokyo and beyond.
date: 21/8/2021
lecturer: Ms. Mara Burden
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July KIP Forum

"The tide of global health: the change of global health paradigm by COVID-19 "
discussion theme: If an infection B happen in developing country A, who will produce vaccines? You think as a developed country, emerging country, or developing country.
date: 26/7/2021
lecturer: Ms. Haruka Sakamoto
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June KIP Forum

"Japan's Economic Diplomacy "
discussion theme: Japan's New Economic Diplomacy Initiative Proposal for the G7 Summit to be hosted by Japan in 2023
date: 26/6/2021
lecturer: Mr. Noriyuki Shikata
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May KIP Forum

"Study and work abroad – Experiences in the US, France, British and China (Japanese economic diplomacy)"
discussion theme: Do Japanese people have to study or work abroad to enhance the sustainability of the Japanese economy?
date: 8/5/2021
lecturer: Mr. Noriyuki Shikata
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April KIP Forum Ⅱ

"Mental health implications of the Covid-19 crisis: what next for Japan?"
discussion theme: Why has the mental health crisis emerged under the COVID-19 pandemic among Japanese youth? What can we do as the measures to prevent any negative consequences of increased mental health crisis?
date: 24/4/2021
lecturer: Mr. Shunta Takino
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April KIP Forum Ⅰ

"Gathering with G7 Youth Summit Japan Representatives for the 2021 Summit Meeting"  
discussion theme: Should vending machines be reduced?
date: 10/4/2021
lecturer: Mr. Tetsu Watanabe, Ms. Manae Saza, Ms Emiri Morita
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