Forum in 2014

Feb. Will Japanese high-speed railway systems work in America or not?
 Central Japan Railway Company
Jan. Understanding America: Culture, Democracy and Policy.
 Dr. Nancy Snow  Global Educator/ an Abe Fellow with the Social Science Research Council
Nov. How the society changed over time and how to adjust to the changes in terms of video service
 Mr. Fumio Nagase, CEO at Imagica Robot holdings Inc
Oct. Working in England and thinking about the ideal future for Japanese society
 Mr.Shikata, Director of Personnel Division, Minister's Secretariat, MOFA
Jul. Leadership on March 11
 Mr. Takeshi Niinami Chairman, Lawson, Japan
Jun. The Issue and Prospect of Japanese Diplomacy
 Mr.Shunsuke Nomura from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
May. Business of International lawyers
 Mr. Koichiro Tamura, Mr. Hiraku Kato and lawyers of Ushijima & Partners, Attorneys-at-Law
Apr. The Skill of Project Management"
 Mr.Satoshi Konagai from Boston Consulting Group