Jul.7.2018 KIP Alumni talk "The Significance of Working in International Financial Market"
By Mr. Takizuka Yasutaka, a member of KIP Alumni

July forum was held. This month, we welcomed Mr. Takizuka who is a member of KIP Alumni. The title of his lecture was “The Significance of Working in International Financial Market”. Mr. Takizuka taught us the experiences in his career and the lessons learnt through it. After the speech, we held a group discussion titled “What We Should Learn Besides University Classes for Our Future Career”.

Mr. Takizuka: Studied architecture in undergraduate years and graduated with a master’s degree in economics from the University of Tokyo in 2014. Now he works for a public institution from April 2014.

July forum was held. This month we welcomed Mr. Takizuka as a speaker. He is a former KIP member and participated in the US study trip. The forum was held in a relaxed atmosphere since some other alumni who are friends of Mr. Takizuka joined. In the speech, Mr. Takizuka divided his content into two big parts. Firstly “how to increase efficiency at work as a businessperson” secondly “what he has learnt from his career”.

At the first part, he first told us that whenever one work with others, it is necessary to know about those people and gain their trust. This story was based on his experience of interviewing businesspeople for an economic research. Besides, he also said that we should always think how efficiently finish our job in a limited time.

In the second part, he talked about what he has learnt from his career. He said some of the characteristics of a public institution's career are that young staffs are likely to be assigned to responsible projects and the job may have a big impact. Furthermore, he said that as he deepens his expertise, it will begin to be appreciated, and that is one of the most attractive features of the job.

After the speech, we discussed “What We Should Learn Besides University Classes for Our Future Career”. There were many opinions proposed by each group, although the most common opinion was that students should take risks and challenge to many chances since students are allowed to make errors. To this opinion, Mr. Takizuka pointed out that usually, students don’t have the chance to get a feedback on what they have challenged. Therefore, it is important to take actions for getting feedback from adults.

In this forum, Mr. Takizuka taught us some lessons through his experiences. These lessons were precious since university students cannot gain them in their daily life. Last but not least, we would like to thank Mr. Takizuka for spearing his time for us.

(Hiroyuki Shimazu)