2015.4.25 KIP Forum "How the world would become? What should Japan do?"

For our April forum, we invited Mr. Hatsuhisa Takahashi, a former NHK commentary chairperson who is now the chief director of The Tokyo Club as our guest speaker. He also used to be the director-general for press and public diplomacy in the ministry of foreign affairs of Japan. He gave us a talk on today’s international issues, such as the conflicts in the Middle East, underlying reasons of the expansion of IS, and the relationship between media and societies.

As for the relationship between media and societies, Mr. Takahashi stressed that the form of international terrorism has dramatically changed because of the development of the Internet. For example, pictures, which had to be broadcasted through a TV station, can be broadcasted by anyone today making the information control extremely difficult.

Then we discussed “What Japan can do against international terrorism.” It was meaningful in that we exchanged opinions about the definition of international terrorism and international contribution from martial and economic aspects. (Translated by Daisuke Mizutani)