2012.4.24 €KIP Forum "Politics and Diplomacy in Japan"
by Mr.Minoru Kiuchi, member of the Lower House

Forum in April: We invited Mr. Minoru Kiuchi, who is a member of the House of Representatives to give a lecture about "What is a significance of our life?" He talked about his own experiences and how to face with current problems.

In his speech, he emphasized that Japanese people need to have their own identity as Japanese citizens. Now we have the Internet and we are free to connect to foreign people. The world is going to become global. Thus when we contract or negotiate with foreigner, we have to stand a point of view as Japanese. He has suggested that we need to study and understand Japan correctly.

He also taught the importance of finding a real character of the problem. Now we have a lot of problems to solve. He told that it is necessary to see problems from many aspects. In addition, he said that it is important to judge by ourselves. We should not believe easily what others say, only because it is common to many people, but we should try to find the fact and understand it by the real nature of the problem. (Takatoshi Nohara)